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Keck spectroscopic classification of CRTS SNe

ATel #4669; A. J. Drake, S. G. Djorgovski, A. A. Mahabal, M. J. Graham, R. Williams (Caltech); J. Prieto (Princeton); M. Catelan (PUC Chile); E. Christensen, S. M. Larson (LPL/UA)
on 22 Dec 2012; 18:35 UT
Credential Certification: Andrew J. Drake (ajd@cacr.caltech.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 4730

Further to ATel#4595, here we report the classification of CRTS supernovae observed with the Keck-I+LRIS on Dec 16th and 17th UT. Spectra were cross-correlated using SNIDs software (Blondin and Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024) and the following results were found:
CRTS ID Type Match/age z Notes
CSS121213:021824+163359 IIP 2006bp +7 0.03
CSS121212:021426+052309 Ia 2004eo +2 0.08
CSS121212:025025+070218 Ia 2002er +6 0.12
CSS121210:112615+144039 Ic 1997ef -5 0.090 a
CSS121204:033907-064917 Ib 1999dn +7 0.03
CSS121122:025711+112343 Ia 1990N +18 0.07
CSS121112:002624+163027 Ia 1999ee +41 0.05 b

a, CSS121210:112615+144039 exhibits strong narrow lines of [OIII] and [OII] as well  
as Balmer lines, suggesting significant star formation in the dwarf galaxy host. 
b, ATEL#4595. 

All transients were discovered in real-time by the CRTS pipeline and openly published to VOEvent network subscribers (such as http://Skyalert.org ) and on CRTS web pages. Links to CRTS transient can be found at http://crts.caltech.edu/.