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Supernova Candidate in NGC3239 is Type II

ATel #3855; Y. Cao (Caltech), M. M. Kasliwal (Carnegie/Princeton), G. Wallerstein (U. Washington), A. Ritchey (U. Washington), D. A. Howell (LCOGT/UCSB) report on behalf of a large collaboration
on 10 Jan 2012; 08:10 UT
Credential Certification: Yi Cao (smartcaoyi@gmail.com)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 3857, 3860, 3863, 4066

At UT 2012 Jan 10.275, we obtained a low resolution spectrum of the recent optical transient in NGC3239 (PSN J10250739+1709146; discovered by Moore, Newton and Puckett) with the Dual Imaging Spectograph on the ARC-3.5m telescope at Apache Point Observatory. We observe a blue continuum and P-Cygni Balmer features allowing us to classify this transient as a Type II supernova. The minimum of H-alpha absorption is blue-shifted by 9000 km/s. We thank Suzanne Hawley for facilitating these target of opportunity observations.