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LOT spectroscopic classification of AT 2017eaw in NGC 6946 as a Type II SN

ATel #10374; Yu-Chi Cheng (IANCU), Ting-Wan Chen (MPE Garching), Simon Prentice (LJMU)
on 14 May 2017; 22:34 UT
Credential Certification: Ting-Wan Chen (jchen@mpe.mpg.de)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 10377, 10378, 10380, 10381, 10401, 10407, 10427, 10501, 10534

We report the classification of the supernova 2017eaw discovered by Patrick Wiggins at 12.8 mag on 2017-05-14 05:42:43 UT (AT #11511, https://wis-tns.weizmann.ac.il/object/2017eaw) and photometrically comfirmed by Dong & Stanek (ATel #10372). The observations were performed on the Lulin one-meter telescope (LOT) in Taiwan on 2017-05-14 18:10:37 UT, using Hiyoyu + apogee U42 (3800-7600A, resolution 333R). We took three frames of 300sec exposure for each and combined them to reach the S/N ~ 30 at the continuum. However, no standard star was taken on the same night due to poor weather conditions (it was also cloudy while observing the SN). We used the sensitivity curve created two months ago and thus our flux calibration maybe not reliable.

The spectrum is blue and featureless with a broad bump around H-alpha, a weak narrow H-alpha line also detected. Classification was done with GELATO (Harutyunyan et al., 2008, A&A, 488, 383), which returns similarity to several early Type II SNe.