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Possible Supernova in the field of Gaia17aiq

ATel #10091; D. Denisenko (SAI MSU), D. Cornelis (Belgium)
on 18 Feb 2017; 07:33 UT
Credential Certification: Denis Denisenko (d.v.denisenko@gmail.com)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

During the follow up observations of Gaia17aiq (ATel #10082) with 0.185-m f/6.8 APO refractor + SBIG STL-11000 CCD at e-EyE observatory in Fregenal de la Sierra (Spain) we have discovered another possible supernova in the same 93'x62' field of view. The new object is located at the following position (J2000.0): 09 54 28.20 +67 39 42.0 which is 9.5" East and 1.6" North of the nucleus of host galaxy LEDA 2703724 with z=0.03469. The distance between Gaia17aiq and new PSN is 38.8'. The first set of images (3x240-sec exposures with RGB filters) was obtained from 2017 Feb. 16.824 to 16.856 UT and the second set 9 hours later. The magnitudes of new object are: Feb. 16.84 UT, V=17.02; Feb. 17.21, V=16.94 (calibrated against APASS DR9); Feb. 16.83 UT, R=16.75; Feb. 17.21, R=16.66. Color-combined discovery image is uploaded to http://scan.sai.msu.ru/~denis/PSNJ095428+673942-20170216.jpg

Spectroscopic confirmation is required.