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BTA spectroscopic classification of MASTER OT J035109.53+152856.9 as a probable cataclysmic variable at outburst

ATel #9558; S. Fabrika, O. Sholukhova, A. F. Valeev, A. Sarkisyan (SAO RAS)
on 28 Sep 2016; 11:23 UT
Credential Certification: Sergei Fabrika (fabrika@sao.ru)

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable, Transient, Variables

We report optical spectroscopy of the MASTER optical transient, announced in ATel #9499. The object has been discovered as a high amplitude (more than 8 mag) bright optical transient outburst. The transient has the ID MASTER OT J035109.53+152856.9.

The spectral data were obtained on 2016 Sep. 26.049 UT using the Russian BTA telescope equipped with the SCORPIO spectrograph. The spectrum was taken with a resolution of 5.3 Å in the 4050 - 5850 Å range.

Photometry of the OT obtained shortly prior to the BTA spectrum with the same device gave U = 17.24 ± 0.20, B = 17.82 ± 0.05, V = 17.44 ± 0.03, Rc = 17.25 ± 0.03. We used the SDSS catalog for second standard stars (J035114.67+153048.4, J035106.92+153033.9, J035103.56+153029.5) for which we calculated ugriz to UBVR.

The OT shows very strong, broad and asymmetric hydrogen absorption lines with probable emission in the line centers. Radial velocity of the OT is about zero. The line widths (FWHM) in H-delta, H-gamma, H-beta lines are 3200, 2850, 2700 km/sec respectively with 1-sigma of about 100 km/sec. He I and He II lines are not observed in the spectrum. We classify this object as a cataclysmic variable at the outburst.