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Optical Nova Candidate in M31

ATel #7795; E. Ovcharov, M. Minev, V. Bozhilov, P. Nedialkov, A. Valcheva (University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
on 14 Jul 2015; 01:57 UT
Credential Certification: Evgeni Ovcharov (evgeni@phys.uni-sofia.bg)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 7818, 7921

We report the discovery of a probable nova located at RA(2000) = 00h40m22.92s, Dec(2000) = +41d48'26.11", which is 1594.2" west and 1937.6" north of the center of M31. The images are obtained with the 50/70 cm Schmidt telescope at NAO Rozhen, Bulgaria. The R-magnitudes are:

2015 July 13.005 UT, R=19.82+/-0.09 (5x300s)
2015 July 13.943 UT, R=19.74+/-0.11 (3x300s)
2015 July 13.977 UT, R=19.73+/-0.09 (5x300s)

Additional observations are required.