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Spectroscopic classification of ASASSN-16ow, a cataclysmic variable in outburst

ATel #9862; A. Siviero (UNIPD, Asiago) and U. Munari (INAF, Asiago)
on 14 Dec 2016; 21:52 UT
Credential Certification: U. Munari (ulisse.munari@oapd.inaf.it)

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable, Nova, Variables

ASASSN-16ow has been discovered in outburst at coordinates 06:30:47.04, +02:39:31.7 on 2016-12-13.48 UT at V~13.82 mag. A patrol reference image for 2016-11-28.59 does not show the object down to a limiting 18.2 mag, indicating an amplitude of at least 5 mag. The ASASSN webpage suggests either a CV in outburst or a nova (given the low galactic latitude) as the likely explanation.

We have obtained a low resolution spectrum (range 3300-8000 Ang, dispersion 2.3 Ang/pix) of ASASSN-16ow on Dec 14.94 UT with the Asiago 1.22m telescope + B&C spectrograph. The spectrum has a blue continuum with very broad Balmer lines in absorption. An emission core is visible in Halpha. Overall, it supports ASASSN-16ow to be a cataclysmic variable in outburst.