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Discovery of an Apparent Nova in M31

ATel #8838; K. Hornoch (Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Czech Republic), J. Vrastil (Astronomical Institute, Charles U., Prague, Czech Republic)
on 18 Mar 2016; 08:03 UT
Credential Certification: Martin Henze (henze@ice.cat)

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transient

We report the discovery of an apparent nova in M31 on a co-added 990-s R-band CCD frame taken on 2016 Mar. 17.768 UT with the 0.65-m telescope at Ondrejov.

The object designated PNV J00430154+4114090 is located at R.A. = 0h43m01s.54, Decl. = +41o14'09".0 (equinox 2000.0), which is 194.1" east and 119.5" south of the center of M31 (see link to discovery image below).

The following R-band magnitudes were obtained using the 0.65-m telescope at Ondrejov:

2016 Mar. 8.818 UT, [19.8; 16.766, 18.5 ± 0.2 (prediscovery); 17.768, 17.6 ± 0.15.

We thank H. Kucakova for getting images on Mar. 8.818 UT.

Discovery image