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Strong optical flare of the blazar PKS 1510-089

ATel #7829; R. Bachev (IA-NAO, BAS, Bulgaria)
on 23 Jul 2015; 13:24 UT
Credential Certification: Rumen Bachev (bachevr@astro.bas.bg)

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Blazar, Quasar

Referred to by ATel #: 8593, 9402

Following the reports of increased optical (ATel #7799) and NIR (ATel #7805) fluxes, we observed the blazar PKS 1510-089 for several nights with the 0.6m telescope of Belogradchik observatory, Bulgaria. The following R-band magnitudes were obtained (preliminary results; photometric errors of about 0.05 mag):

Date         Magnitude
Jul 18.8 13.67
Jul 19.8 13.71
Jul 20.8 14.17
Jul 21.8 14.17
Jul 22.8 15.14

The results show a strong optical flare followed by a rapid decline. The magnitudes on the nights of July 18th and 19th are the highest reported for this object since 2009 (see e.g. Tuorla monitoring campaign and St. Petersburg monitoring campaign
Further monitoring is encouraged as the blazar appears to be in a high-activity phase.