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Swift/BAT and MAXI/GSC monitoring indicate a new outburst of black hole transient H 1743-322

ATel #7607; Hui Zhang, Wenfei Yu, Jie Lin, Wenda Zhang, Zhen Yan
on 9 Jun 2015; 06:52 UT
Credential Certification: Hui Zhang (hzhang@shao.ac.cn)

Subjects: Radio, X-ray, Binary, Black Hole, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 7652, 8751

Swift/BAT and MAXI/GSC monitoring in the X-rays show that the black hole binary transient H 1743-322 has started a new outburst. The Swift/BAT X-ray intensity increased from 0.007+/-0.003 counts/s/cm^2 (0.029+/-0.012 Crab) on MJD 57177 to 0.024+/-0.002 counts/s/cm^2 (0.105+/-0.007 Crab) on MJD 57181 in 15-50 keV. The current Swift/BAT flux level is more than 300 times larger the average flux level of 7.5e-5 +/- 1.2e-4 counts/s/cm^2 calculated from MJD 57070 to 57170. MAXI/GSC data in 2-20 keV also indicate that the source X-ray flux has increased from 0.021+/-0.009 counts/sec/cm^2 (0.006+/-0.002 Crab) on MJD 57175.5 to 0.122+/-0.010 counts/sec/cm^2 (0.034+/-0.003 Crab) on MJD 57181.5. We encourage multi-wavelength observations of this outburst. We thank Swift and MAXI team for providing the regular X-ray monitoring data.