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Keck spectroscopic classification of two CRTS SNe

ATel #6199; A. J. Drake, S. G. Djorgovski, D. Stern, A. A. Mahabal, M. J. Graham, R. Williams (Caltech); J. Prieto (Princeton); M. Catelan (PUC Chile); E. Christensen, S. M. Larson (LPL/UA)
on 3 Jun 2014; 18:28 UT
Credential Certification: Andrew J. Drake (ajd@cacr.caltech.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 6288

Further to ATel#5837, here we report the classification of CRTS optical transients observed with the Keck-I+LRIS on May 26 UT. Spectra were cross-correlated using SNIDs software (Blondin and Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024) and the following results were found:

CRTS ID Disc. Mag Type Match age z Notes
CSS140509:161445+023534 18.6 Ia 1994ae +9 0.08
CSS140505:114217+383529 18.8 Ia-91bg 1991bg +19 0.05 1

Notes: 1, spectrum appears highly reddened.  

All CRTS transients are discovered within minutes of observation and openly published to VOEvent network subscribers (such as http://Skyalert.org ). Links to all CRTS transients can be found at http://crts.caltech.edu/. We are grateful to the all the observers involved in follow-up observations.