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iPTF Discovery of iPTF14ih, a Type II Supernova on the Outskirts of a Spiral Host

ATel #5807; I. Arcavi (LCOGT/KITP), A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron (WIS), L. P. Singer, Y. Cao, A. J. Drake and S. G. Djorgovski (Caltech) on behalf of the intermediate Palomar Transient Factory collaboration
on 24 Jan 2014; 18:29 UT
Credential Certification: Iair Arcavi (iarcavi@lcogt.net)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

The iPTF (ATel #4807) reports the discovery and classification of a Type II supernova (SN), iPTF14ih. The SN is located at RA = 03:39:43.88 and Dec = +15:47:43.4 (J2000), at the outskirts of a spiral arm in a redshift 0.02929 galaxy (2MASS via NED). iPTF14ih was discovered on 2014 January 23 (UT dates used throughout) at m_R = 20.17+/-0.14 mag (corresponding to M_R = -15.31 at the galaxy redshift). The SN was not visible on images taken during 2010. A spectrum was obtained on 2014 January 23 under a target of opportunity program (as a candidate optical counterpart to Fermi GBM trigger 412093190; Singer et al. GCN 15758) with the Double Spectrograph (DBSP; Oke & Gunn 1982, PASP, 94, 586) mounted on the 200-inch Palomar Hale telescope, showing broad H-alpha and Ca IR-triplet emission features. The spectrum is publicly available through WISeREP (Yaron & Gal-Yam 2012).