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IGR J17344-3023: a new X-ray transient detected by INTEGRAL/JEM-X

ATel #5447; Jérôme Chenevez (DTU Space, Denmark)
on 6 Oct 2013; 23:58 UT
Credential Certification: Jerome CHENEVEZ (jerome@space.dtu.dk)

Subjects: X-ray, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 5448

The JEM-X twin X-ray monitors on board the INTEGRAL satellite discovered a new X-ray transient during an observation of the X-ray burster GX 354-0 (aka 4U 1728-34; PI D. Galloway) performed between UT 2013 September 30 18:21 and October 3 05:14 (INTEGRAL revolution 1339). The source position is:
R.A. = 263.60°
Dec. = -30.39°
with a 2' 90% confidence radius.

The significance level of the JEM-X detection is 7 sigma for 55 ksec effective exposure on the source in combined 3-25 keV mosaics. The measured flux is 5 ±1 mCrab between 3-10 keV, while the source is only marginally detected between 10-25 keV at an upper limit of 5 mCrab.

The source was again detected by JEM-X at similar flux levels in subsequent INTEGRAL observations of the Galactic Centre region (PI J. Wilms) performed between UT 2013 October 4 19:15 and Oct. 6 01:26 (INTEGRAL revolution 1340).

INTEGRAL will again cover the new source position between 2013 Oct. 7-9 (INTEGRAL revolution 1341). A target of opportunity exposure with the Swift satellite has been proposed in order to obtain a better localization of the source with the XRT instrument. Multi-wavelength follow-up observations are encouraged to unveil the nature of this new transient source.