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AGILE confirmation of the increasing gamma-ray activity from 4C +38.41 (BZQ J1635+3808)

ATel #5234; F. Lucarelli (ASDC and INAF/OAR), V. Fioretti (INAF/IASF-Bo), C. Pittori, F. Verrecchia (ASDC and INAF/OAR), M. Tavani, M. Cardillo, E. Striani (INAF/IAPS and Univ. Roma Tor Vergata), A. Bulgarelli, F. Gianotti, M. Trifoglio (INAF/IASF-Bo), S. Vercellone (INAF/IASF-Pa), G. Piano, I. Donnarumma, E. Del Monte, Y. Evangelista, M. Feroci, F. Lazzarotto, L. Pacciani, P. Soffitta, E. Costa, I. Lapshov, M. Rapisarda, A. Argan, G. Pucella, S. Sabatini, V. Vittorini (INAF/IAPS), A. Chen, A. Giuliani, S. Mereghetti, P. Caraveo, F. Perotti (INAF/IASF-Mi), F. Fuschino, M. Galli, C. Labanti, M. Marisaldi, G. Di Cocco (INAF/IASF-Bo), A. Pellizzoni, A. Trois (INAF/OA-Cagliari), M. Pilia (ASTRON, the Netherlands), G. Barbiellini, F. Longo, E. Vallazza (INFN Trieste), A. Morselli, P. Picozza (INFN and Univ. Roma Tor Vergata), M. Prest (Univ. dell'Insubria), P. Lipari, D. Zanello (INFN and Univ. Roma Sapienza), P. W. Cattaneo, A. Rappoldi (INFN Pavia), S. Colafrancesco (INAF-OAR and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), A. Antonelli (INAF/OAR and ASDC), P. Giommi (ASDC), L. Salotti and G. Valentini (ASI)
on 29 Jul 2013; 21:05 UT
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Credential Certification: Fabrizio Lucarelli (fabrizio.lucarelli@asdc.asi.it)

Subjects: Gamma Ray, >GeV, AGN, Blazar, Quasar, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 5236

AGILE confirms the increasing gamma-ray activity from the FSRQ object 4C +38.41 (also known as BZQ J1635+3808 (Massaro et al., 2011, A&A 495)) as reported by Fermi-LAT in ATel #5232.

Integrating from 2013-07-25 06:00 UT to 2013-07-27 15:00 UT, a Maximum Likelihood (ML) analysis yields a detection at a significance level of about 6 sigma and a flux F(E>100 MeV) = (5.1 +/- 1.7) x 10E-6 ph/cm2/s (quoted error is statistical; in the current AGILE operational mode, the flux determination may be affected by a systematic error) at Galactic coordinates (l,b)=(60.88, 42.75) +/- 0.7 deg (95% stat.) +/- 0.1 deg (syst.) (R.A., Dec.= 248.28, 38.01 deg, J2000) . The peak of the AGILE excess is found at around 0.4 deg from the radio position of 4C +38.41 as reported in Johnston, K. J., et al. 1995 (AJ, 110, 880).

On the next 48 hour intervals, 26-28 and 27-29 July 2013, the ML analysis shows a decrease of the activity, with the gamma-ray flux lowering down 2.0 x 10E-06 ph/cm2/s.

This measurement was obtained with AGILE observing a large portion of the sky in spinning mode, with telemetry gaps due to intermittent data acquisition at the ground station.

Multifrequency observations of the 4C +38.41 are strongly encouraged.