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Spectrum of bright SN 2012fg in NGC 2857

ATel #4496; S. Fabrika, A. Valeev, T. Fatkhullin, O. Sholukhova, A. Vinokurov (Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia)
on 17 Oct 2012; 22:24 UT
Credential Certification: Sergei Fabrika (fabrika@sao.ru)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 4520

Following the discovery announced in ATel #4459 we have obtained spectrum of Supernova in NGC 2857 (PSN J09243795+4921320) now known as SN 2012fg (ATel #4466, CBET #3253). The spectrum has been taken with the SCORPIO spectrograph of the 6-meter Russian telescope on 2012 Oct. 15.007 UT. Spectral resolution was 6 A, spectral range 3800 - 8000 A. The spectrum is blue, a narrow H-alpha emission is detected at a redshift z=0.01624 coinciding with the NGC 2857 redshift as it was already found in ATel #4466 and CBET #3253. We have discovered broad and shallow absorption H Balmer lines, He I 5876 A and, possibly, Fe II 5169 A line. We have measured blue edges of the broad absorption lines relatively the NGC 2857 redshift (expansion velocity of the Supernova): -14800 km/s in H-gamma and H-beta, -13700 km/s in H-alpha and He I.