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Identification of two recent Master OTs

ATel #3879; A. J. Drake
on 24 Jan 2012; 06:36 UT
Credential Certification: Andrew J. Drake (ajd@cacr.caltech.edu)

Subjects: Optical, A Comment, Cataclysmic Variable

Recently, Pruzhinskaya et al. (2011, Atel#3875) announced the discovery eight OTs with the MASTER-Net auto-detection system. We note that MASTER124819.37+072049.6 is the spectroscopically confirmed CV SDSS J124819.36+072049.4. This object was discovered by ROTSE-III (Quimby et al. 2005, Atel#481). Additionally, MASTER040821.86+141516.1 is a redetection of the spectroscopically confirmed CV CSS120113:040822+141516 (Mahabel et al. 2011, Atel#3872). This object was previously identified as MASTER040821.91+141515.0 by Tiurina et al. (2011, Atel#3870).