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No optical counterpart to the huge gamma-ray outburst of PKS 1510-089

ATel #3479; Rumen Bachev, Svetlana Boeva, Kiril Stoyanov, Evgeni Semkov (Institute of
on 8 Jul 2011; 12:07 UT
Credential Certification: E. Semkov (esemkov@astro.bas.bg)

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Blazar

Referred to by ATel #: 3500, 3523

We observed blazar PKS 1510-089 in optics, following the reported giant outburst in gamma-rays (ATel #3473 and ATel #3470). The telescopes in use were the 2m RCC telescope and the 60cm Cassegrain telescope of Rozhen NAO, Bulgaria. Observed in R-band, the object showed rather typical values for a minimal state, i.e. R=16.12 (July 06.84) and R=16.03 (July 07.80), see also the results of Tuorla observatory monitoring,
Although the gamma-ray outburst was observed 2-3 day ago, we conclude that most probably the gamma-ray activity has no simultaneous optical counterpart in this case.