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ERRATUM to ATel #3460 (2002 JB9)

ATel #3461; M. Hicks (JPL/Caltech), J. Somers (Moorpark), H. Rhoades (JPL/Caltech), M. McCormack (LACC), C. Gerhart (LAVC), J. Bauer (JPL/Caltech), A. Mainzer (JPL/Caltech), J. Masiero (JPL/Caltech), T. Grav (JHU)
on 30 Jun 2011; 15:31 UT
Credential Certification: Michael D. Hicks (Michael.Hicks@jpl.nasa.gov)

Subjects: Asteroid, Planet (minor), Solar System Object, Near-Earth Object, Potentially Hazardous Asteroid

The title of ATel #3460 incorrectly references the asteroid 2002 VB9. The correct designation is 2002 JB9. We apologize for any inconvenience this mistake might have caused.