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New outburst of IGR J17544-2619

ATel #192; S. A.Grebenev (IKI, Moscow), A. A.Lutovinov (IKI, Moscow), R. A.Sunyaev (IKI, Moscow; MPA, Garching)
on 18 Sep 2003; 21:09 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Transients
Credential Certification: S.A.Grebenev (sergei@hea.iki.rssi.ru)

Subjects: Radio, Infra-Red, Optical, X-ray, Binary, Black Hole, Neutron Star, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 252, 338, 1266

The source IGR J17544-2619 reported in ATEL #190 was again detected in outburst during the next set of INTEGRAL observations. This outburst began on September 17, at 6h UTC and lasted 8 hours. The profile was complex and consisted of two broad peaks. The flux measured with ISGRI/IBIS in the 18-25 keV band was equal to ~45 mCrab on the average, reaching in the peaks ~60 and ~80 mCrab. In the harder 25-50 keV band the flux was detected only at these moments and was equal to ~40 and ~30 mCrab, respectively. We have no data on the source in the standard X-ray band because it was outside the JEM-X field-of-view.