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AMI-LA 15 GHz Observation of the Type IIP Supernova SN 2017eaw

ATel #10394; Joe Bright, Kunal Mooley, Rob Fender (Oxford University), Assaf Horesh (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
on 18 May 2017; 17:38 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Kunal Mooley (kunal.mooley@physics.ox.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 10413, 10421

SN 2017eaw was discovered by Patrick Wiggins on 2017 May 14.24 and confirmed as a transient object (located in NGC 6946, at a distance of around 5.5 Mpc) in follow up observations from the McDonald observatory (ATel #10372). Spectroscopic observations of the source (Xinglong Station of National Astronomical Observatories of China; ATel #10376) resulted in its classification as a type IIP supernova.

We report an observation of SN 2017eaw taken with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager Large Array (AMI-LA), at a central frequency of 15 GHz on 2017 May 15.02 (UTC). We do not detect any significant emission from the position of SN 2017eaw, and we set a 5-sigma upper limit of 450 uJy. We opt for this conservative upper limit due to bright, possibly extended, emission from the host galaxy. Our upper limit is consistent with a non-detection from the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope at 1.39 GHz of 114 uJy (ATel #10388) for even a moderately inverted spectral slope.

More observations with the AMI-LA are planned. We thank the staff at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory for promptly scheduling these observations.