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Discovery of a Probable Nova in M31

ATel #9958; K. Hornoch (Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Czech Republic), H. Kucakova (Astronomical Institute, Charles U., Prague, Czech Republic)
on 11 Jan 2017; 18:14 UT
Credential Certification: Steven Williams (scw@astro.ljmu.ac.uk)

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 10002, 10003

We report the discovery of a probable nova in M31 on a co-added 2700-s R-band CCD frame taken on 2017 Jan. 10.762 UT in worse seeing conditions with the 0.65-m telescope at Ondrejov.

The object designated PNV J00424525+4116108 is located at R.A. = 0h42m45s.25, Decl. = +41o16'10".8 (equinox 2000.0), which is 10.4" east and 2.3" north of the center of M31. This can be seen on the right panel of the discovery image linked below, with the left panel showing a non-detection on 2017 Jan. 6.901, taken with the same instrumentation.

The following R-band magnitudes were obtained using the 0.65-m telescope at Ondrejov:

2017 Jan. 6.901 UT, [18.1; 10.704, 17.0 ± 0.5; 10.734, 16.7 ± 0.6; 10.762, 17.0 ± 0.5.

Discovery image