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Spectroscopic Classification of ASASSN-16ml and AT2016hmq/PS16esl as Type II SNe

ATel #9701; J. L. Prieto (UDP/MAS), M. Seibert, B. J. Shappee (Carnegie Obs.), S. Dong (KIAA-PKU), K. Z. Stanek (OSU)
on 2 Nov 2016; 13:26 UT
Credential Certification: Jose L. Prieto (jose.prietok@mail.udp.cl)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

We obtained optical spectra (range 3600-9200 Angs) of ASASSN-16ml/AT2016hpt (ATel #9697) and AT2016hmq/PS16esl (ATel #9686) on UT Oct. 31.0 with WFCCD mounted on the du Pont 2.5m telescope at Las Campanas Observatory. The spectra of both objects show broad (FWHM ~ 10000 km/s) Balmer lines and are consistent with Type II SNe. The spectrum of ASASSN-16ml shows a blue continuum characteristic of a young SN. From narrow H-alpha and [O III] 5007 lines, we measure a redshift of z=0.0266 for GALEXASC J215436.98-425103.9, the host galaxy of ASASSN-16ml.