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INTEGRAL confirms activity in EXO 1722-363 / IGR J17252-3616

ATel #9432; I. Kreykenbohm (Remeis Observatory), P. Kretschmar (ESAC), J. Wilms (Remeis Observatory), V. Grinberg (MIT), E. Kuulkers (ESAC), M. Hirsch (Remeis Observatory), K. Pottschmidt (NASA-GSFC), J. Rodriguez(CEA), C. Sanchez-Fernandez (ESAC)
on 30 Aug 2016; 22:23 UT
Credential Certification: Ingo Kreykenbohm (Ingo.Kreykenbohm@sternwarte.uni-erlangen.de)

Subjects: X-ray, Neutron Star, Variables

INTEGRAL observations taken on 2016 August 23 between MJD 57623.26 and 57623.84 clearly confirm the highly absorbed super-giant high mass X-ray binary pulsar EXO 1722-363 (IGR J17252-3616) to be the source reported as flaring in ATel #9412 by MAXI. The source flux in individual INTEGRAL raster pointings varies strongly from below 5 mCrab up to a maximum of 60 mCrab (20 - 40 keV; assuming a count rate of 165 cts/sec for 1 Crab). This source behavior is comparable to the activity seen in the past with INTEGRAL (e.g., Kuulkers et al. 2007, A&A 466, 595 and Zurita-Heras et al. 2006, A&A 448, 261