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XTSS: Discovery of a Probable Supernova in PGC38449

ATel #8808; Hubiao Niu, Shuguo Ma(XAO), Xiaofeng Wang, Wenxiong Li (THU),Ali Esamdin, Lu Ma, Jinzhong Liu(XAO)
on 13 Mar 2016; 03:14 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Hubiao Niu (niuhubiao@xao.ac.cn)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

During the XAO (Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory) and THU (Tsinghua University) Supernova Survey (XTSS), using the Nanshan 1.0-m telescope of XAO, China, we discovered a supernova candidate AT 2016bar (XTSS-16A) in the galaxy MCG +09-20-097 (with a redshift z=0.05893) at RA = 12:07:07.30, Decl. =+53:40:06.3. AT 2016bar was discovered in images obtained on UT 2016-03-05.70, with the Johnson B- and V-band magnitudes being about 19.9 mag. The presence of this transient was confirmed in images taken on 2016-03-12.80. There is no star can be seen at the same position in the template image we obtained on UT 2015-03-19.75 (limit magnitude > 21.0 mag). The position of this transient is located at about 29'' west and 10'' south of the center of the host galaxy. The discovery image is shown on the webpage:

The Discovery Image on Webpage