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Multiband photometry of PSNJ14102342-4318437 with OAUNI

ATel #8570; A. Pereyra (Geophysical Institute of Peru - IGP, Astronomy Area), W. Cori (National University of Engineering - UNI, Astronomy Group - GA, Peru), J. Ricra (UNI, GA, Peru), M. Zevallos (UNI, GA, Peru), J. Tello, (UNI, GA, Peru)
on 21 Jan 2016; 23:22 UT
Credential Certification: Antonio Pereyra (apereyra@igp.gob.pe)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 9202

We report multiband photometry of Type Ib SN PSNJ14102342-4318437 (ATel #8415, ATel #8434, ATel #8437, ATel #8504) on 2016-01-10 (UT) gathered with the OAUNI 51cm telescope (Pereyra et al. 2015; arXiv:1512.03104) at Huancayo Observatory, Peru. CCD imaging using VRI filters was performed under non-photometric conditions (seeing ~1.9") and airmass = 1.4. Total integration times of (30x20s=600s) for V and R filters, and (24x20s=480s) for I filter yielded:

Date (UT) | filter | mag

2016-01-10.385 | V | 16.79 +/- 0.06

2016-01-10.395 | R | 15.93 +/- 0.12

2016-01-10.409 | I | 15.68 +/- 0.10

USNO-B1 field stars were used for the zero point calibration. The measurements presented here are ~25d after the MASTER discovery (ATel #8415) and ~32d after the maximum (ATel #8434). Consistent with this, and considering the NED extinction toward the host galaxy (NGC5483, z=0.006), the color indices (V-R) and (R-I) are in reasonable agreement with the zero-redshift color-color diagrams for Type Ib SNe about 20-30d past the maximum (Poznanski et al., 2002, PASP, 114, 833). The OAUNI project is supported by UNI, TWAS and IGP.