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MASTER: bright PSN in NGC5483

ATel #8415; O. Gress, V. Lipunov, E. Gorbovskoy (Lomonosov MSU), D. Buckley (SAAO), N. Tiurina, V. Kornilov, A. Kuznetsov, P. Balanutsa, D. Vlasenko, I. Gorbunov, E. Popova, V. Vladimirov, V. Shumkov (M. V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sternberg AStronomical Institute), S. Potter, M. Kotze (South African Astronomical Observatory)
on 15 Dec 2015; 15:49 UT
Credential Certification: Nataly Tyurina (tiurina@sai.msu.ru)

Subjects: Optical, Request for Observations, Supernovae, Transient, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 8570, 9202

MASTER OT J141023.42-431843.7 discovery - bright PSN in bright spiral NGC5483

MASTER-SAAO auto-detection system ( Lipunov et al., "MASTER Global Robotic Net", Advances in Astronomy, 2010, 349171 ) discovered OT source at (RA, Dec) = 14h 10m 23.42s -43d 18m 43.7s on 2015-12-15.06619 UT.

The OT unfiltered magnitude is 14.4m (limit 18.7m).

The OT is seen in 3 images. There is no minor planet at this place. We have reference image without OT on 2015-04-26.03615 UT with unfiltered magnitude limit 19.5m.

This PSN is in 17.6W 45N from the center of NGC5483 galaxy (1771km/s, 11.9mag)

Spectral observations are required.

The discovery and reference images are available at http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/141023.42-431843.7.png

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