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Probable Bright Supernova discovered by PSST (PS15blq = MASTER OT J173142.37+435334.1)

ATel #8110; K. W. Smith, D. Wright, S. J. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast), M. Huber, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, M. Willman, N. Primak, A. Schultz, B. Gibson, E. Magnier, C. Waters, J. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat (IfA, Hawaii), R. J. Foley (Illinois), S. W. Jha (Rutgers), A. Rest (STScI), D. Scolnic (Chicago/KICP)
on 1 Oct 2015; 12:21 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Ken Smith (k.w.smith@qub.ac.uk)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 8115

A bright transient, which is a probable supernova, was discovered as part of the Pan-STARRS Survey for Transients (PSST). Information on all objects discovered by the Pan-STARRS Survey for Transients is available at http://star.pst.qub.ac.uk/ps1threepi/ (see Huber et al. ATel #7153). We will send all objects brighter than 18 mag as ATel alerts, while all other objects can be found on these webpages.

Name    | RA (J2000)  | Dec (J2000) | Disc. Date | Disc Mag | filter | Notes 
PS15blq | 17 31 42.40 | +43 53 33.9 |  20150725  |  19.04   |   i    |  (1) 

(1) This object is MASTER OT J173142.37+435334.1, Shumkov et al. (ATel #8104). Our first detection is from 20150725, reported on the public webpages but it was fainter than our threshold for ATel posting. The MASTER detection together with subsequent PS1 data in r and z-band show the object is slowly rising. SDSS DR12 reports that the probable faint host (1.04 arcsec away) is SDSS J173142.34+435333.2 with photometric redshift z=0.18. Given the observed ~60 day rise time and the faint host we agree with the Shumkov et al. (ATel #8104) that the object is a possible super-luminous supernova.

See http://star.pst.qub.ac.uk/ps1threepi/psdb/candidate/1173142401435333900/