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A high state of activity of the quasar 3C454.3

ATel #7942; S. Jorstad (BU, SPBSU), V. Larionov (SPbSU), A. Mokrushina (Pulkovo Observatory, SPbSU), I. Troitsky , D. Morozova (SPbSU)
on 22 Aug 2015; 18:46 UT
Credential Certification: Svetlana Jorstad (jorstad@bu.edu)

Subjects: Millimeter, Optical, Gamma Ray, AGN, Blazar

Referred to by ATel #: 7950, 7981

The quasar 3c454.3 shows a new state of high activity. According to the Fermi LAT Collaboration it is brighter than 1.0e-05 ph/cm2/sec at gamma-rays: TITLE: GCN/FERMI NOTICE NOTICE_DATE: Fri 21 Aug 15 14:47:48 UT NOTICE_TYPE: Fermi-LAT Monitor SOURCE_OBJ: 3C454.3 CURR_FLUX: 1.40e-05 +- 6.09e-07 [ph/cm2/sec] BASE_FLUX: 2.60e-06 +- 4.59e-07 [ph/cm2/sec] The BU group monitors the source with the VLBA at 43 GHz. The source had a very strong mm-wave outburst in 2014 June, accompanied by gamma-ray, X-ray, and optical outbursts, which started to decline in 2014 December (http://www.bu.edu/blazars/VLBA_GLA ST/3c454.html). Our most recent VLBA observations on 2015 July 2-nd shows a new significant increase in the VLBI core brightness. According to optical monitoring at St. Petersburg State university the quasar became brighter than 14 mag in R band last night. This is a similar behavior as during the dramatic gamma-ray outburst in 2010 Autumn which occurred after the gamma-ray/X-ray/optical/mm-wave outburst in 2009. The multiwavelength observations are encouraged.