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Joint optical and radio observations of V404 Cyg

ATel #7714; Kunal Mooley, Fraser Clarke, Rob Fender (Oxford)
on 25 Jun 2015; 17:32 UT
Credential Certification: Kunal Mooley (kunal.mooley@physics.ox.ac.uk)

Subjects: Radio, Optical, Binary, Black Hole, Transient, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 7718, 7720, 7721, 7722, 7726, 7734, 7740, 7959

We report on the joint optical and radio observations of V404 Cyg with the Philip Wetton telescope (R band) and the AMI-LA (16 GHz) carried out recently to understand the correlation of flares/oscillations at these two frequencies. The observations took place between 2015 June 18.89 and 19.12 UT (MJD 57191.9 and 57192.1). The light curves can be found here. Significant flaring on minute timescales is recorded in the optical, consistent with ATels #7650, #7662, #7666, #7677, #7681, #7686, and #7710. There are four distinct flares detected in the radio (marked A-D in the plot), out of which B and D may be correlated with optical flares. These joint observations, together with the previously-reported optical observations, suggest that there may well be, at times, a synchrotron contribution in the optical band. Further joint observations have been planned.

We would like to thank the AMI team for their responsiveness and hard work in delivering the data to us. The Philip Wetton telescope is a 16-inch Meade reflector at the University of Oxford (http://observatory.physics.ox.ac.uk).

Optical and radio light curves of V404 Cyg