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Planned HST observations of LSQ15abl

ATel #7439; R. M. Quimby (SDSU), J. Cooke, T. Pritchard (Swinburne)
on 24 Apr 2015; 05:19 UT
Credential Certification: Robert Quimby (rquimby@mail.sdsu.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Ultra-Violet, Request for Observations, Supernovae

Following the discovery and classification of LSQ15abl as a SLSN-II (ATel #7412), we have triggered the Hubble Space Telescope program, "The First UV Spectra of a Hydrogen-Rich Superluminous Supernova," (GO-13784; PI=Quimby), as well as the Swift program, "Photometry of a Hydrogen-Rich Superluminous Supernova" (Swift-1114192; PI=Quimby). HST is scheduled to obtain FUV spectra of LSQ15abl with COS around Apr 27, 2015 03:52 UT and again around Apr 28, 2015 21:14. Additionally, NUV spectra are planned with STIS around Apr 29, 2015 22:41. We encourage simultaneous follow-up observations at all wavelengths.

We thank the STScI staff, especially N. Walborn, B. Perriello, and C. Proffitt, for implementing the disruptive HST trigger, the Swift team for scheduling Swift follow-up, and P. Brown, D. Rabinowitz, M. Sullivan, P. Nugent, and I. Arcavi, for generous assistance in planning these observations.