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Las Campanas spectroscopic identification of PSN J10433393-3048206 and confirmation of PSN J10544216-2104138. Swope preliminary optical photometry of both transients.

ATel #7073; N. Morrell (Las Campanas Observatory), B. Shappee (Carnegie Observatories), M. Phillips, C. Contreras and C. Gonzalez (Las Campanas Observatory), E. Hsiao, M. Stritzinger (Aarhus University), F. Taddia (Stokholm University), on the behalf of the Carnegie Supernova Project.
on 15 Feb 2015; 03:33 UT
Credential Certification: Benjamin Shappee (shappee@astronomy.ohio-state.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

We report optical spectroscopic observations (range 380-1000 nm) of PSN J10433393-3048206 and PSN J10544216-2104138 obtained with the 6.5 m Magellan I (Baade) telescope (+ IMACS) at Las Campanas, on Feb. 12.3 UT. Both transients were discovered by Stuart Parker (BOSS collaboration). Spectroscopic classifications were performed with the Supernova Identification tool (SNID, Blondin and Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024). Also included are two epochs of preliminary photometric measurements obtained at Las Campanas with the 1 m Swope telescope.

PSN J10433393-3048206 is an evolved type IIn supernova, similar to SN1997cy at 117 days after maximum. We measured unsubtracted magnitudes of g'=18.074 (0.079), r'=17.564 (0.074); and g'=17.938 (0.081), r'=17.491 (0.078), for JD 2457065.70 and JD 2457066.69, respectively (errors are given in parentheses).

PSN J10544216-2104138 (also typed in ATel #7053) is a peculiar type Ia supernova belonging to the Iax class, similar to SN2002cx at 10 days past maximum brightness. From the Ca II 857.8 nm feature we derive an expansion velocity of approximately 6700 km/s, assuming for NGC 3464 the NED recession velocity of 3736 km/s. We measured unsubtracted magnitudes of g'=17.322 (0.023), r'=16.699 (0.024); and g'=17.409 (0.024), r'=16.738 (0.021) for JD 2457065.76 and JD 2457066.73, respectively (errors are given in parentheses).