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Optical flare of the TeV blazar 1ES 0647+250

ATel #6726; S. Kiehlmann (MPIfR, Germany) on behalf of the RoboPol collaboration, E. Lindfors (Univ. of Turku), V. Larionov (St. Petersburg Univ.)
on 20 Nov 2014; 19:06 UT
Credential Certification: Dmitriy Blinov (blinov@physics.uoc.gr)

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Blazar

We perform optical photometric and polarimetric monitoring of selected TeV blazars using 2.5m NOT (Obs. del Roque de los Muchachos), 1.3m (Skinakas Obs.), 70cm AZT-8 (Crimean Obs.), LX-200 40cm (St.Petersburg Univ.) and KVA 35cm (Obs. del Roque de los Muchachos) telescopes. Our recent observations of 1ES 0647+250 showed that this blazar known as a TeV source entered a phase of high activity, reaching R=15.35 in the night of 2014 Nov. 18 (JD2456980.4301), as compared to the quiescence level R~15.8 mag of previous seasons and R~15.4 peak of the brightest flare of this blazar in late 2005. The degree of polarization varies between 10% and 7% in course of the last month. Long-term light curves of the blazar can be found at the web pages of Tuorla and SPbSU monitoring programs.
Multifrequency observations of the blazar are encouraged.