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Liverpool Telescope Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of PNV J01335049+3035559

ATel #6703; S. C. Williams (LJMU), M. J. Darnley (LJMU), I. A. Steele (LJMU), R. J. Smith (LJMU), M. F. Bode (LJMU), A. S. Piascik (LJMU)
on 15 Nov 2014; 14:08 UT
Credential Certification: Matt Darnley (M.J.Darnley@ljmu.ac.uk)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 6716

We obtained a spectrum of PNV J01335049+3035559 (see CBAT TOCP) on 2014 November 14.94 UT using the new SPRAT spectrograph (Piascik et al. 2014, see also ATel #6540) on the Liverpool Telescope (LT; Steele et al. 2004). The spectrum shows a red continuum with molecular absorption bands. There is no Hydrogen emission detected. This spectrum confirms that PNV J01335049+3035559 is not a nova, which is consistent with the suggestion made in ATel #6697 that the object is likely a red long-period variable.

We made additional photometric observations of the variable on 2014 November 13.94 UT using the IO:O CCD camera on the LT, when it was at V = 20.96 ± 0.05 and i' = 18.58 ± 0.01, with a B-band upper limit of 21.8.