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PSN J04234719-5136029 is a premax SN Ia

ATel #6394; N. Morrell, M. Phillips, Las Campanas Observatory (Las Campanas Observatory), E. Y. Hsiao (Aarhus University)
on 15 Aug 2014; 21:35 UT
Credential Certification: Eric Hsiao (hsiao@lco.cl)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We report the spectroscopic classification by the Carnegie Supernova Project of PSN J04234719-5136029 based on an optical spectrum (range 370-950 nm) obtained with the LCO 6.5-m Magellan Baade telescope (+ IMACS) on Aug. 14.3 UT. Correlation with a library of supernova spectra using the Superfit supernova spectral identification code (Howell et al. 2005, Ap.J. 634, 1190) indicates that it is a type-Ia supernova a few days before maximum. The best-fit spectrum is that of SN 2002bo at 6 days before maximum (Benetti et al. 2004, MNRAS, 348, 261). SN 2002bo is known for its high velocity and broad Si II 6355 line. The supernova redshift is consistent with that of the presumed host galaxy, NGC 1578, at zc=6178 km/s (Nicolaci et al. 1991, Ap.J.S., 75, 935). Assuming that redshift, the minimum of the Si II 635.5-n absorption line is blueshifted by approximately 14,000 km/s.