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TCP J17154683-3128303 = Nova Scorpius 2014

ATel #6025; M. Jelinek, R. Cunniffe, A. J. Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC Granada), O. Rabaza (Univ. de Granada) and R. Hudec (AUS-CAS, Ondrejov)
on 30 Mar 2014; 11:30 UT
Credential Certification: Alberto J. Castro-Tirado (ajct@iaa.es)

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 6032, 6034

Following the discovery on Mar 26 of a 10th mag new source in Scorpius dubbed TCP J17154683-3128303 by Nishiyama & Kabashima (CBAT Transient Object Follow-up Reports), also detected by Swift on Mar 27 (ATEL#6015), we report an optical spectrum obtained with the COLORES spectrograph at the TELMA 0.6m robotic telescope (equipped by COLORES) at the BOOTES-2 astronomical station in EELM-CSIC (Malaga, Spain). The spectrum, covering the range 380-920 nm has been taken on Mar 30, 04:37 UT and shows broad emission lines of Balmer series, He I 501.6, 587.8, 706.5, and probably of O I 844.6, suggesting a nova in early phase (Nova Scorpius 2014) thus confirming the earlier suggestion by Ayani and Maeno (CBAT Transient Object Follow-up Reports). The BOOTES-2/TELMA COLORES optical spectrum of Nova Scorpius 2014 is posted at bootes.iaa.es .