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Correction: Rapid Burster = MXB 1730-335

ATel #598; P. Kretschmar (ESA/ESAC, Spain); S. E. Shaw (Southampton, UK / ISDC, Geneva); E. Kuulkers (ESA/ESAC, Spain); R. Wijnands (UvA, Netherlands); M. Turler, N. Mowlavi, T. Courvoisier (ISDC, Geneva); C. Markwardt (NASA/GSFC, USA); T. Oosterbroek, A. Orr (ESA/ESTEC, Netherlands); A. Paizis (ISDC, Geneva / IASF, Milano); K. Ebisawa (NASA/GSFC, USA)
on 30 Aug 2005; 12:56 UT
Credential Certification: Peter Kretschmar (Peter.Kretschmar@obs.unige.ch)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, Neutron Star

In ATel #593, the Rapid Burster was also labeled 4U 1730-335, an identifier found in the SIMBAD database. Walter H.G. Lewin has brought to our attention that this is a misnomer, since the Rapid Burster is not included in the 4th Uhuru catalog. The correct name is MXB 1730-335.