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SN 2014G is a Type II-L

ATel #5935; Tonis Eenmae (Tartu Observatory, Estonia), John C. Martin (Univ. of Illinois Springfield), Skyler Grammer (Univ. of Minnesota), Roberta Humphreys (Univ. of Minnesota)
on 28 Feb 2014; 16:54 UT
Credential Certification: John Martin (jmart5@uis.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We report a revised spectroscopic classification of Type II-L for SN 2014G. The initial classification of SN 2014G was Type IIn (CBET 3787). That early spectrum showed a blue continuum with no clear absorption and several very narrow emission lines, which in retrospect may be from an H II region near the SN. More recent spectra taken several weeks after peak brightness with the Tartu Observatory 1.5 m Telescope and with the ASP-32 spectrograph on 18 Feb 2014 UT and the Multiple Mirror Telescope Hectospec MOS on 25 Feb 2014 UT reveal a spectrum of a regular Type II supernova. This fits the pattern for typical Type II-L SNe which transition from a blue continuous spectrum near peak brightness to a more recognizable Type II SNe spectrum several weeks later (see SN 1979C, Branch et al, 1981, Comm. Astrophys. 15:221-37).

The spectra are available online:

Additional information on the light curve is available at: http://edocs.uis.edu/jmart5/www/barber/sn2014g.html

This work is supported by the Estonian Research Council (grant ETF8906), and the National Science Foundation (NSF 1108890). We thank Perry Berlind for obtaining the spectrum in the Hectospec queue and the MMT observatory, a joint facility of the Smithsonian Institution and the University of Arizona.

UIS Barber Observatory SN 2014G