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Multiband photometric follow-up of supernova iPTF13ebh

ATel #5926; L. Wyrzykowski (IoA Cambridge/Warsaw Observatory), H. C. Campbell, S. Koposov, (IoA Cambridge), M. Pawlak, K. Ulaczyk, A. Rynkiewicz, P. Wielgorski, K. Ilkiewicz, B. Handzlik, K. Rybicki, W. Obuchowicz (Warsaw Observatory), I. M. Khamitov (Tubitak Observatory), H. Esenoglu (Tubitak Observatory/Istanbul University), I. F. Bikmaev, R. Ya. Zhuchkov (Kazan University/Tatarstan Academy of Sciences), R. Busuttil, U. Kolb (Open University), V. Burwitz (MPE Garching), J. Rodriguez (Mallorca Observatory), W. Zeilinger (Vienna University), S. Leonini, M. Conti, G. Guerrini, P. Rosi, L. M. Tinjaca Ramirez (Montarrenti Observatory/ISSP), G. Damljanovic, O. Vince, R. Pavlovic, Z. Cvetkovic, M. Stojanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
on 27 Feb 2014; 11:55 UT
Credential Certification: Lukasz Wyrzykowski (wyrzykow@ast.cam.ac.uk)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We report the results of an extensive photometric follow-up of iPTFebh supernova (ATEL#5580, ATEL#5584) classified as type Ia at z=0.013269, located in NGC 890. The telescopes involved in the follow-up operated in the preparatory mode for the forthcoming Gaia Science Alerts follow-up network.

The photometric data were collected with a range of telescopes, instruments and filters, but were all calibrated to common pass bands of B, V, g, r and i using APASS all-sky star catalogue (Henden et al.2009). The light curve contains about 130 data points and covers a range of about 35 days with the first observations taken on the day of the discovery announcement (1 day after the detection). The lightcurves in different bands are shown here: http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~wyrzykow/iPTF13ebh_followup.pdf

The lightcurves were fitted with the SALT2 fitter (Guy et al. 2010) with the following parameters:
Color= 0.0455 +-0.445
X1= -2.336 +-0.620
Peak= 56623.6 +-4.5
The models for different bands are available here:

The photometric calibrations were obtained using the Cambridge Photometric Calibration Server (CPCS), designed and maintained by Sergey Koposov and Lukasz Wyrzykowski. More info on CPCS: http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/ioa/wikis/gsawgwiki/index.php/Follow-up