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A Flare of the Violet Component of H2O Maser in W49N

ATel #5826; Tolmachev Alexander
on 28 Jan 2014; 17:38 UT
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Credential Certification: Alexander Tolmachev (tolm@prao.ru)

Subjects: Radio, Millimeter, Transient

Powerful flare happened in the water maser line on a wave of 1.35 cm in a source of W 49 N. And, if the main component of the line located at V lsr of -7 km/s, flashing component has the V lsr of -97 km/s. The flux density of the flashed detail in December, 2012 was less than 100 Jy, by September, 2013 it reached 80000 Jy (that is, it increased on three orders of magnitude), and this intensity keeps the same value up to the present. In autumn the V lsr of flashing component began to displace on the violet side, and, since September 2013, it was displaced on 0.5 km/s. All this time the intensity of the main component of this maser with V lsr of -7 km/s. was in the range of 30-60 thousand Jy, that is, it was approximately twice weaker, than the flashing one. The observations were carried out on the 22-m RT-22 radio telescope of PRAO ASC LPI, Pushchino, Russia.