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NIR detection of the Blazar PMNJ0623-3350

ATel #5684; L. Carrasco, A. Porras, G. Escobedo, E, Recillas, A. Carraminana (INAOE, Mexico)
on 22 Dec 2013; 21:47 UT
Credential Certification: LUIS CARRASCO (carrasco@inaoep.mx)

Subjects: Radio, Infra-Red, Optical, Gamma Ray, AGN, Blazar

Following the report of the Fermi LAT detection of a new Gamma ray source FERMI J0623-3351 by S. Buson, (Atel# 5668), On Dec 20th,2013 (JD2456646.819255, We observed the field of the radio source PMNJ0623-3350, at the radio position, we have detected a NIR source with a flux corresponding to H = 15.418 +/-0.05. At the time of the 2mass survey there was not any source brighter than H ~ 17.5 at this position. Hence the source most likely related with the enhanced gamma-ray flare is indeed PMNJ0623-3350. We have added this source to our regular monitoring program of Gamma-ray sources in the NIR. Observations were carried out with the 2.1m telescope of the Guillermo Haro Observatory operated by the National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (Mexico), equipped with the instrument CANICA a NIR camera. We strongly encourage further multiwavelength coverage.