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Discovery of SNF20050705-000 in IC 1439, a Type II Supernova

ATel #560; The Nearby Supernova Factory: N. Blanc, S. Bongard, Y. Copin, E. Gangler, L. Sauge, G. Smadja (Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon), P. Antilogus, G. Garavini, S. Gilles, R. Pain (Laboratoire de Physique Nucleaire et de Haute Energies de Paris), G. Aldering, S. Bailey, B. C. Lee, S. Loken, P. Nugent, S. Perlmutter, R. Scalzo, R. C. Thomas, L. Wang, B. A. Weaver (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA), C. Bonnaud, E. Pecontal (Centre de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon), R. Kessler (Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Chicago, IL), C. Baltay, D. Rabinowitz, A. Bauer (Yale)
on 8 Jul 2005; 20:33 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Brian C. Lee (BCLee@LBL.gov)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

The Nearby Supernova Factory reports the discovery of supernova SNF20050705-000 (coordinates RA 22:16:39.6 DEC -21:29:28.7 J2000.0) in IC 1439 in images obtained July 5.4 UT with an approximate magnitude of 18.8 (calibrated to R) using the QUEST II camera on the Palomar Oschin 48-inch telescope as a part of the JPL Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking component of the Palomar Consortium. A spectrum (range 320-1000 nm) of this object, obtained July 8.6 UT with the Supernova Integral Field Spectrograph on the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope, shows it to be a Type II supernova approximately one month after explosion. The spectrum is similar to that of the Type IIP SN 1999em at that phase, redshifted to z ~ 0.03 (assuming explosion date 1999 October 27 from Hamuy et al. 2001 ApJ 558, 615) in agreement with the host redshift for IC 1439 at z = 0.0323 from NED.