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Swift/UVOT Follow-up of ASASSN-13dl

ATel #5469; T. W-S. Holoien (Ohio State), J. L. Prieto (Princeton), K. Z. Stanek, B. J. Shappee, C. S. Kochanek, J. Jencson, U. Basu, J. F. Beacom (Ohio State), D. Szczygiel, G. Pojmanski (Warsaw University Observatory), M. Dubberley, M. Elphick, S. Foale, E. Hawkins, D. Mullins, W. Rosing, R. Ross, Z. Walker (Las Cumbres Observatory), J. Brimacombe (Coral Towers Observatory), D. Bersier (LJMU)
on 14 Oct 2013; 15:28 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Krzysztof Stanek (stanek.32@osu.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Ultra-Violet, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 5508

Following the discovery of the probable supernova transient ASASSN-13dl (ATel #5460), a Swift target of opportunity observation was performed on Oct. 11. Swift UVOT magnitudes and updated coordinates are presented below:

Coordinates: RA(J2000): 07:38:49.317, Dec(J2000): +58:12:43.48 
V Magnitude:     16.75 +/- 0.061 
B Magnitude:     16.93 +/- 0.054 
U Magnitude:     17.18 +/- 0.073 
UVW1 Magnitude:  18.59 +/- 0.133 
UVM2 Magnitude: >19.2 
UVW2 Magnitude: >19.5 
Magnitudes were measured with a 4" aperture radius using the Swift software task uvotsource. The source is not detected in the UVM2 observations, and is likely not detected in UVW2 observations, so we quote upper limits for the magnitude of the source in those filters. See our Swift confirmation image here. The green circle has a radius of 4".

These detected source has (U-B)=0.25, (B-V)=0.18, and (UVW1-B)= 1.66. These colors are largely consistent with a Type Ia supernova near peak, or possibly a Type Ib/c (Brown et al. 2010).

We thank the Swift team for making these observations possible. For more information about the ASAS-SN project see the ASAS-SN Homepage and also ASAS-SN Transients page.