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FIRE spectroscopic classifications of PSN J01125492+0058457

ATel #5081; G. H. Marion (Harvard-CfA), E. Y. Hsiao (LCO), N. Morrell (LCO), S. Parker (Backyard Observatory Supernova Search)
on 22 May 2013; 22:58 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Eric Hsiao (hsiao@lco.cl)

Subjects: Infra-Red, Optical, Supernovae

We report that a near-infrared spectrum (range 800-2400 nm) of PSN J01125492+0058457 was obtained on May 22.42 UT with the FoldedPort Infrared Echellette (FIRE) spectrograph on the 6.5-m Magellan Baade Telescope. The spectrum shows that it is a type-Ia supernova 2 to 3 weeks past maximum light. The near-infrared spectrum is similar to that of SN 2001en at 18 days past maximum (Marion et al. 2009, A.J. 138, 727). The supernova redshift approximately matches the redshift of the presumed host galaxy NGC 428 at z = 0.003843.