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MASTER OT J122114.34+472950.7 is a Type Ia Supernova

ATel #4932; J. M. Silverman, University of Texas; B. E. Tucker, University of California, Berkeley and Mt. Stromlo Observatory, the Australian National University; J. Vinko, University of Szeged; R. Quimby, Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo; and J. C. Wheeler and E. Chatzopoulos, University of Texas
on 1 Apr 2013; 15:48 UT
Credential Certification: Brad Tucker (brad@mso.anu.edu.au)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

We write that a spectrogram, obtained on Mar. 31.18 UT with the 9.2-m Hobby-Eberly Telescope (+ Marcario Low-Resolution Spectrograph) by J. Caldwell, shows that MASTER OT J122114.34+472950.7 is a type-Ia supernova. Correlation with a library of supernova spectra using the "SuperNova IDentification" code (SNID; Blondin and Tonry 2007, Ap.J. 666, 1024) indicates that MASTER OT J122114.34+472950.7 is SN 1999aa-like type-Ia supernova (Strolger, et al., 2002, A.J., 124, 2905; Garavini, et al., 2004, A.J., 128, 387) at maximum brightness. After removal of the host-galaxy recession velocity of 14700 km/s (from the supernova features), the absorption minimum of the Si II 635.5-nm line is found to be blueshifted by about 10700 km/s. We also note that the host galaxy (SDSS J122114.16+472951.0) is quite low luminosity (M_g = -13.89 mag).