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Radio observation of the Tidal Disruption candidate LSQ12heq

ATel #4758; E. Hadjiyska (Yale), K. Bannister (CSIRO/CAASTRO), M. Bell (The University of Sydney/CAASTRO), S. Farrell (The University of Sydney/CAASTRO), R. C. Reis (University of Michigan), B. P. Miller (University of Michigan), B. Gaensler (The University of Sydney/CAASTRO), P. Hancock (The University of Sydney/CAASTRO)
on 23 Jan 2013; 15:30 UT
Credential Certification: Ellie Hadjiyska (ellie.hadjiyska@yale.edu)

Subjects: Radio, AGN, Black Hole, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 4763

We report on the radio observations of LSQ12heq (ATel # 4644, ATel#4739) with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) for approximately 4 hours on 2013 Jan 21 at a range of frequencies. The array was in the 750C configuration at the time of the observation. LSQ12heq was not detected at any frequency. The 5 sigma upper limits are as follows:

2.1 GHz: 460 uJy

5.5 GHz: 135 uJy

9.0 GHz: 165 uJy

17 GHz: 300 uJy

19 GHz: 406 uJy

We thank the CASS operations staff for scheduling these observations.