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Nova Mon 2012 is a Neon nova

ATel #4709; Ulisse Munari (INAF Astron. Obs. Padova)
on 6 Jan 2013; 11:42 UT
Credential Certification: U. Munari (ulisse.munari@oapd.inaf.it)

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable, Nova, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 4727, 4737, 5499

A lot of considerable interest surrounds the ongoing outburst of Nova Mon 2012, an unusually slow declining He/N nova, discovered on 2012 June 22 as a gamma-ray source by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (ATel #4224), and since then target of many observational efforts in the X-ray, optical, IR and radio regimes (ATel #4310, ATel #4320, ATel #4321, ATel #4352, ATel #4365, ATel #4376, ATel #4408, ATel #4542, ATel #4569, ATel #4572, ATel #4590, ATel #4614, ATel #4633). Since its discovery, we are performing an intensive photometric and spectroscopic monitoring of Nova Mon 2012 at optical wavelengths. Our last absolutely fluxed spectrum (2.31 Ang/pix, 3300-8100 Ang) was obtained on 2013 January 5.938 UT with the B&C spectrograph mounted on the Asiago 1.22m telescope operated by the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Padova. The spectrum is characterized by huge intensity of Neon lines ([NeIII], [NeIV], [NeV]), as observed in bona fide Neon novae (Williams et al. 1994, ApJS 90, 297), with the following table providing integrated fluxes (in ergs cm(-2) sec(-1)) of some representative lines:
line Ang flux
[NeV] 3426 88.4e-12
[NeIII] 3869 55.4e-12
[NeIII] 3968 18.0e-12
Hdelta 4.1e-12
Hbeta 9.9e-12
HeII + [NeIV] 4721 18.6e-12
[OIII] 5007 59.4e-12
HeII 5412 0.3e-12
[NII] 5755 4.5e-12
HeI 5876 2.9e-12
[FeVII] 6087 2.5e-12
[OI] 6300 1.2e-12
Halpha (+[NII]) 67.0e-12
[OII] 7325 6.5e-12
The [NeV] 3426 Ang is currently the strongest line at optical wavelengths. The line profiles remains saddle-like, with an average FWHM of about 2250 km/sec, and average peaks separation of about 1300 km/sec.