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NO nova in the Hyades (re: ATel #4513)

ATel #4514; Ian Shelton (Mount Allison University, University of Toronto)
on 23 Oct 2012; 23:22 UT
Credential Certification: Ian Shelton (ishelton@mta.ca)

Subjects: Optical

Following a non-confirmation by Patrick Schmeer observing from Germany, a study of the optical system used to make the observations on October 21-22 leading to the report of a possible nova in the Hyades has revealed the system produces faint (0.1%) in-focus ghost images well-displaced from the primary image. The "new" star is in fact the faint ghost image of Aldebaran 3 degrees away. My apologies for the false-alarm, and thanks for the follow-up observations that I could not do myself due to cloudy weather here since the initial observations.