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Erratum to ATel #4386 - Spectroscopic classification of PSN J02245064+1610543

ATel #4390; M. Turatto, M. L. Pumo, S. Vanni, S. Benetti, A. Pastorello, L. Tomasella, P. Ochner, E. Cappellaro, and S. Valenti (Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica)
on 18 Sep 2012; 18:26 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Stefano Benetti (stefano.benetti@oapd.inaf.it)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

The classification of PSN J02245064+1610543 reported in ATel 4386 was based on an erroneously identified spectrum. As a consequence the second part of that communication should be replaced by the following: The spectrogram of PSNJ02245064+1610543 obtained on Sept 18.02 UT shows broad Balmer lines with P-Cygni profiles. Adopting for the host galaxy PGC 9159 the redshift z = 0.0272 (LEDA), the best fit with the GELATO tool (Harutyuyan et al. 2008, A.Ap. 488, 383) on a library of supernovae spectra is with a type II or IIb about one week past maximum.