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Swift Detection of 11.82 s Pulsations from IGR J18179-1621

ATel #3949; J. P. Halpern (Columbia U.)
on 2 Mar 2012; 01:49 UT
Credential Certification: Jules Halpern (jules@astro.columbia.edu)

Subjects: X-ray, Binary, Neutron Star, Transient, Pulsar

Referred to by ATel #: 3950, 3961

Examining Swift XRT observations of the location of the new hard X-ray transient IGR J18179-1621 (Tuerler et al., ATel #3947) taken on 2012 February 29 - March 1 UT (MJD 55986.84-55987.67) for a total exposure time of 3800 s, I find a source at R.A. = 18h17m51.9s, decl. = -16d21'31" (J2000.0) with 0.80 counts/s in the 2-10 keV range, and cut off below 2 keV. Fourier analysis shows a strong signal at P=11.82(1) s, with a single-peaked pulse and a pulsed fraction of 27%. This is likely the signature of a HMXB pulsar, as was suggested to be the classification of IGR J18179-1621 in ATel #3947.