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UV Brightening of PSN J10081059+5150570

ATel #3690; P. Roming (SwRI), T. Pritchard (PSU), P. Brown (UU)
on 18 Oct 2011; 19:12 UT
Credential Certification: Pete Roming (proming@swri.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Ultra-Violet, Supernovae, Variables

Referred to by ATel #: 3749, 3895, 4062

PSN J10081059+5150570 is a supernova impostor in the galaxy UGC 5460 (CBAT 2851). Swift began monitoring the object on JD-2455838 and is continuing the monitoring campaign. Compared to the first epoch of Swift-UVOT observations, we report the object has brightened by ~4 mag in the uvw2 and uvm2 filters, ~3 mag in the uvw1 and u filters, ~1.5 mag in the b filter, and ~1 mag in the v. The current (~JD-2455852.5) magnitude of PSN J10081059+5150570 is 15.67+/-0.12, 15.49+/-0.08, 15.38+/-0.09, 14.83+/-0.09, 15.48+/-0.08, and 15.35+/-0.07 for the uvw2, uvm2, uvw1, u, b, and v filters, respectively. No correction for the Galactic extinction in the direction of the object (E(B-V)=0.010 mag) has been performed. The contribution of the host galaxy has also not been subtracted. We are grateful to the Swift team for making these observations possible. Further observations are ongoing.